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“$2,000,000 in sales”

“After joining ZTD as soon as I got my license, it took me only 6 months to sell over $2,000,000 in real estate! All I did was follow the program to a tee!”

Jonathan Teem 

Avast Realty, Orange Beach, AL

“Ricky knows his stuff”

“Ricky’s book was a very easy read yet filled with lots of great information and a great reminder that this is a relationship business. If you are in any type of sales field this is a must read. Ricky knows his stuff…”

Gerard Geoghegan

Coldwell Banker, San Jose, CA

“Proven Techniques”

“Your coaching has helped me get really focused on how to plan my days and do work that will keep a full pipeline of business. I am not chasing shiny objects and throwing money at buying leads and high cost coaching. What you are teaching is the basics and to do them consistently over and over. No guessing on how to spend your days and your money. You have also managed to attract a great group of caring and supportive people to this group. Anytime I have called you or messaged you…… you respond, giving of your time to help. Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you again!”

Phyllis Turpen

EXP Realty, Nashville, TN

“Got Listing in the First Week”

“WEEK 1 Results:

Only been following Ricky Carruth’s circle prospecting system for a week.

I set 4 listing appointments already. Conducted the first one this morning and got the listing. 3 more to go!”

Dustin White

New Door Real Estate

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Are you looking for something different in a real estate coach? A real estate trainer who teaches a low-pressure approach? Here at Zero to Diamond, Ricky Carruth is the only coach available. He teaches to stay away from FSBO’s, Expired Listings and Internet Leads. Ricky’s real estate training consists of creating and maintaining life-long relationships with property owners who own the type of property you want to sell. With the best phone scripts designed to develop relationships instead of just going after the sale, you will reap much more business in the long run. Ricky built his 7-figure real estate business using the Zero to Diamond system that he created and wants to share it with the world in hopes that he does his part to help the success rate in the industry. Real estate coaching is in his blood, and it shows through the 1000’s of agents across the globe who stand by him. It’s like he was born to coach realtors. Ricky’s techniques are second to none. His incredible mix of social media and farming using today’s technology has taken the industry by storm.

Since 2014, Ricky has been the #1 RE/MAX agent in his county. Selling property on the beautiful Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast is a dream come true to him as he started out in life following his father’s footsteps as a roofer. Now, his father and he work together selling real estate with the same drive and passion. Real estate coaches all over the country are intrigued by Ricky’s techniques. The Zero to Diamond system works in any market against any circumstances. The market could be crashing down, and Ricky’s system will carry you through the storm. He made it through the crash of the late 2000’s, and learned every bit of what he teaches here at Zero to Diamond.

Just as Ricky did not stop trying to become the very best realtor in his area, he will not stop until he is one of the greatest real estate trainers of all time. It’s not about the money. It’s about legacy. From a very early age, you could see that he had a huge desire to help others as he worked very close with his father to help pay the family bills and put food on the table. Having a huge desire to help people is a trait that makes him a natural at real estate agent training.

In real estate since 2002, Ricky rode the wave of the market in the early 2000’s and lost everything in the crash. That was ok though. He learned his lessons, dusted himself off and continued moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was during the crash that he realized the mistakes he made that eventually lead to him losing everything he had worked so hard for. The problem was not one with attitude, work-ethic or ambition. It was inexperience and mindset. So, after he lost it all and fell to the bottom of the mountain, he started picking up the pieces one at a time. He put himself through his own version of real estate training by reviewing every step he had taken up to that point, reading 100’s of self-development/real estate books and watched the market very closely during that time.

What he learned was that most agents get out of the business during a real estate crash because of this one single reason. The built their business on creating transactions instead of creating and maintaining relationships. Relationships are much more valuable than transactions. Relationships stay with you forever. They produce repeat business and referrals for the rest of your life. On top of that fact that you have a new friend. Your clients should be considered as an extended part of your family. This is more than real estate. This is more than buying or selling a property. Anytime someone decides to buy or sell a property, it is because of something much larger going on in their life. You must find out WHY your clients are buying or selling. Did they get a new job? Did someone die? Was someone born? Are they upgrading or downgrading? Whatever it is, there is a reason bigger than the transaction that is driving them to make the decision to move forward with a deal. Only when you know their bigger reason can you truly hep them.

Our goal at Zero to Diamond is to help you develop the skills you need to create a strong foundation for a future relationship within the first time talking to a prospect. Creating a system that will deepen and maintain the relationship forever. And, putting the correct daily, weekly and monthly habits that will push you higher and higher, year after year. If this is the realestate training that you have been looking for, look no further. Ricky is easy to communicate with and is ready to answer your questions right now. Click here to schedule a free coaching call with Ricky, or send him an email.

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