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Are you a real estate agent who talks to new prospects consistently? Well, talking to new prospects on an extremely consistent basis is the true backbone of creating consistent closings. The more consistent you are with talking to new prospects, the more consistent your closings will be. Period! And, it doesn’t matter exactly how you talk to them, as long as it is property owners who own property in the niche market you want to sell in.

That is the simple explanation of how to succeed in real estate. However, just like many things in life, its easy to understand the fundamentals, but extremely hard to execute. Execution is the key. Without taking action and creating results, you are wasting time. If you want your business to grow at a high pace, refrain from doing anything except call property owners all day everyday. Create lifelong relationships with these owners for future business, and capitalize on the owners who you call that are ready to buy or sell. The key to a huge business is the lifelong relationships with those owners who are not ready to buy or sell at the time that you call them.

Here is the punchline: 70% of the prospects you encounter like you enough to do a deal with you, they are just not ready yet.

On the flipside, only less than 1% of prospects you encounter are ready to do a deal the moment you first speak with them. Most agents live off of the less than 1% and do OK. However, the superstars in the business understand that its the 70% of prospects who actually like them enough to do a deal later if they have a system in place to stay in touch is where the big money is in this business. That is how you become the #1 agent in your area within 5-10 years. Grinding your heart out, day in and day out, to capture all the prospects who like you for future business.

When you do business like this, you are putting all of your efforts into what will happen in the future. Meanwhile, you are going to live off of the less than 1% of prospects that are ready to do a deal in the present. In other words, by working so hard to secure your future, you will find plenty of business in the present until the motherlode starts pouring in. This is how I built my business.

As soon as you understand this principle, your life will change. You will recognize that real estate can be a career with a real future. This will give you a huge sense of confidence and purpose in what you are doing.

In order to do this (meet, capture and maintain relationships with property owners), you need a great system in place. You need direction. You need to know how to find the property owners and their phone numbers. You need great phone scripts that are designed not to be pushy or go after a deal, but to make a new friend and find out how you can help them, now and in the future. A phone script that easily creates lifelong relationships.

This is what ZTD is focused around. I have the system down pat because I developed it around what worked and didn’t work over my career. The Circle Prospecting Phone Script, Circle Prospecting Road Map, ZTD 90-Day Action Plan and the ZTD 30-Day Jumpstart Program are all designed to help you develop the exact daily, weekly and monthly habits focused around long term relationships with property owners. This involves zero FBSOs, Expired Listings or Internet Leads. Circle Prospecting is where the real money and security is in real estate.

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