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Do you want to dominate your market? Anyone can do it if I did it. If I could give you the biggest piece of the puzzle that I can think of that is the most important pillar, it would be that it takes years to do it. Maybe even a decade. You have to work hard and be patient. I know that sounds like a long way away and seems impossible. But, I promise you that the time will pass regardless if you are doing the things that you need to do to secure huge success or not. You can either spend your time building your business for complete domination over the next 5-10 years, or you can continue going down the same path you are going down now and end up with the same results you are having forever. It is time for you to dominate. The time is now…

Past recognizing that it takes years to reach the top and  coming to terms with the amount of daily work that comes with the territory, the next big idea is to study the market and find out who the big players are in your area. Do this through your local MLS. Find the big agents, the mid-level agents and lower-level agents. Start to research how many listings successful agents have in your market and create goals to beat them. Pay attention to how many listings  and sales the get each month and each year. Have lunch with as many of them as you can and get to know them. You will be amazed of how much knowledge they are willing to share with you. Put together a business plan to out work every agent in your area and follow through. The name of the game is “dials/conversations”. Who ever has the most conversations with property owners will win.

The first thing you have to do is to get into the correct mindset to completely take over your market. I believe that there are two very important avenues here:

  1. You must have a high pain tolerance for anything negative (rejection, losing deals you thought you had, doubt, tough times, etc.)
  2. You must understand that you need 1000’s of clients before you are “DOMINATING”

Having a high pain tolerance towards negativity is a very tough trait for most people. This separates the very high producers from the low. When you take on a deal and view every situation as a positive experience even if it doesn’t work or falls through, it now turns into a win/win. Visualize this…regardless if you win the deal or lose the deal, you still win. But, how do you do that? MINDSET. Life is lived in our mind and we can live whatever kind of live we want. If we live as a glass half empty, that’s what we will get. However, if we live as a glass half full, that’s exactly what we will get. You must see the positive in every situation.

Approach every deal you come across with the most positive attitude regardless if you think it will happen or not. You will be amazed what positive vibes will do to a deal. However, be emotionally ready at all times for the deal to fall through. This is the best way to handle deals (like they will definitely go through, but ready for them to fall through at any moment).

What do we do if a deal falls through, and how do we deal with it? 

Two very positives that come from a fallen deal is the lesson we learned from it, and the future time we get back that we do not have to spend on that deal any longer. First thing to do when a deal is totally dead is to look for the lesson. Reflect for just a minute or two, and move on quickly. The number one characteristic of a winner is how fast they recover from rejection. So, remember that as you encounter negative situations. If you can move on fast, you are emulating the number one characteristic of a winner, a dominator, a top producer. Be a top producer and forget about negative experiences as soon as they happen. I am telling you right now…your ability to do this will be a huge factor in why you either become highly successful or not.

Take your new lessons learned and all this future time on your hands, move on and go do FIVE more deals in the same time frame. Make up for it five-fold. When I lose a deal or two, it motivates me tot he highest level. Nothing motivates me more than losing a few deals. Take the energy you feel from losing a deal and use it to your benefit. Go on a rampage and start producing triple what you have been producing.

You need 1000’s of clients yesterday

One huge mistake that agents make is that they get caught up in the details of the deals in this business and lose focus of how many clients they actually need find the success that they are after. Your full time job is developing relationships with new clients in a massive way. You do deals on the side. Building a relationship based business as opposed to a transactional based business will yield huge results over time. And, like I said earlier, time is going to pass either way. Build your business the right way around relationships with property owners.

When I first started selling real estate, I called 100 dials a day for two years to build my database full of strong, lifelong relationships. I called them up, had a great conversation and collected their email address so that I could stay in touch with them forever. Learn how to create relationships and put systems in place to stay in touch with them for the rest of your life.  If you would like to start my real estate training and gain access to my real estate scripts and videos of me making cold calls, just go to and click “Get Started”. You can sign up from there. Once you sign up, I will reach out to you myself and help you get started in the correct direction.

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