How to Be Successful in Real Estate

Are you new in Real Estate, and looking for direction in your new business?

You have come to the right place. I have been a single agent myself since 2002. I have been through the ups and downs (or crashes) of the market and lived to tell about it. Not only that, but the lessons I have learned have put my in the drivers seat of my market along the Alabama/Florida beautiful Gulf Coast. As the #1 RE/MAX agent in my county for the last four years running, I feel obligated to give back to the industry by sharing my successes and failures with you so that hopefully you can sidestep some of the same mistakes I made early in my career and leap light years ahead of where you would be if you never ran into me. That’s what this is for me. It’s an opportunity to do my part to help those going through the same struggles I went through.

Real estate is very tough in the beginning, but if you can make it through that first phase of pain, IT IS MORE THAN WORTH IT. 

Lets be honest…real estate sucks. The early stages of your career is like eating glass. 80% of new agents fail in the first few years. Understand that for you to succeed, this means you have to be in the top 20%. Furthermore, you will need to be in the top 1% if you want to make $500,000 or more per year. Therefore, you must take advantage of every single situation and capitalize. A highly successful real estate agent is the perfect combination of one who is good with people, math, optimism, paperwork, work ethic, big thinker, good at real estate lead generation, follow-up, calm, cool, collected,  low-pressure (and a pinch of high-pressure at the right moments), consistent, makes decisions based on the future, organized, confident, and ok with rejection. Real estate agents are very well rounded, and is ready for anything at anytime. Their success means more to them than just about anything (family and god come first). You have to have a laser focus if you want to even have a chance. Going home in the afternoon and watching TV or doing anything extra curricular is not going to cut it. You must be ALL IN.

When I first started out in real estate, I was 20 years old and had been roofing houses up until that time. I had huge work ethic and thought bigger than anyone I knew. I wanted success so bad I was not stopping until I found it. I looked for real estate training everywhere. I read every book I could find and asked every agent that would talk to me. I eventually learned that you have to LIST TO LAST. Which means that to succeed in real estate, you must develop the skill of finding and securing great listings at a high volume.

What is the secret to finding and securing great listings at a high volume?

Well, lets reverse engineer the listing process. What is a listing? A listing is an agreement between you and a property owner allowing you to advertise the subject property, and colleting a commission in the event that the property sells during the time frame of the listing agreement. So, lets break this down. The first part of the definition of a listing agreement is the most important. It says, “A listing agreement is an agreement between you and a property owner.” Within that is your answer as to how to find and secure great listings.  You have to get a property owner to agree to list their property with you. I know I am really breaking this down pretty far, but I feel like I need to in order to make you understand the severity of my message here. Property owners are your bloodline. So, how do we get property owners to chose you out of all the highly experienced agents in the market? Hard work and personality. A seller (and buyer for that matter) doesn’t chose an agent for any other than two reasons: the seller communicated with the agent around the time they decided to sell, and the seller and the agent get along and like each other. Again, hard work and personality.

How to beat experienced agents in your market

The way you beat experienced agents as a new agent is to understand the game. Remember the two reasons the seller choses an agent: The like you, and you happen to talk to them around the time that they decided to sell. How do you use this information to your benefit? Call property owners who own the type of property you want to sell and ask them if there is anything you can do for them. If there is nothing you can do for them at that time, ask if they have an agent who they would work with if they decided to buy or sell. If they say that they do not, that is your opportunity to tell them that you would love to stay in touch. This is where the magic happens and a relationship full of future deals and referrals.

You need a system in place to find phone numbers and stay in touch with the sellers that you have great conversations with, as well as great phone scripts designed to be low-pressure and  create lifelong relationships. You can find all of that and much more with my coaching programs. Very cheap and I will personally work with you to help you achieve your goals. You can see the ZTD coaching programs here. Feel free to schedule a free coaching call with me here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ricky Carruth, Agent and Coach


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