“WOW!” That is all I have to say about where we are as an industry. I mean what other time in history could you take care of so much business in the palm of your hand? I can literally be on the phone with a client while standing in line at Starbucks, and all of a sudden get a notification that I just received an offer on one of my listings. Then, while still carrying the conversation with my client, read the offer and text the agent who sent it letting them know I got it and will be in touch. It is amazing how easy everything is and how much production you can do if you utilize these tools correctly.

This article is not written to tell you how all the new technology of the world will help you get the same amount of production done as you used to with less effort. No sir! This blog is meant to show you how if you work just as hard (or harder) than you used to work, and use technology the way it was meant to be used, your production can go through the roof.

Lets take the ZTD (Zero to Diamond) philosophy into consideration. ZTD is built on creating and maintaining lifelong relationships with 1000’s of property owners through personal contact and conversation. Now, in today’s world, most people are replacing conversation with messaging of some sort (text, DM, email, etc.). But, here is the problem with that. Relationships are built on human contact. You must talk to someone in order to realize that there is the opportunity for a string relationship moving forward. The body language, tone of voice, calmness, etc. All of these things are taken in consideration in order to find a connection with another human being. On the other hand, there are ways you can read these through messages, but it could be taken the wrong way. There is nothing that can totally replace real human interaction.

In my opinion, the need for real life interaction is the reason why technology will never replace real estate agents. The markets are too localized, and buyers and sellers must have real life council to make the best decisions possible. This means that an agent from Miami, FL would not be a good candidate to advise a buyer looking for a home in Dallas, TX. these two markets are too different. There must be conversation to move forward. Buyers and sellers are not going to do a transaction from start to finish with an agent communicating strictly through technology. There are too many intricate parts of the deal that must be discussed.

With that being said, conversation is the common denominator among all closings. Whatever agent has the most conversations, wins. So, how do you mix the real life conversations that must be had to develop real relationships and consistent closings with new age technology? Well, the first thing you have to do is wrap your mind around the fact that technology will not replace the amount of conversations you need to have to grow your business. Once you realize that the point of technology is to help you produce more conversations, not to give you a place to hide from real human interaction, the next step is to figure out how to use the situation to your advantage.

Use Technology and Social Media to Produce More Real Conversations

If you have the right mindset about how to use technology as a real estate agent, you can really pull ahead of your competition quickly. The two objectives for technology for me in my business is to create more conversations with prospective buyers and sellers, and to build a huge brand name in my market. Without getting into the technology fundamentals of the ins and outs of how to do this (that would be another blog), what I want to get through to you right this second is that if you can visualize the opportunity that today’s world presents to us, and that its not meant to make life easier but to help us produce more in the same time, you can take your business and life to places that you have never imagined. Don’t hide behind technology, use it to produce more real life interaction. This will put you in situations you would never have been in if it weren’t for technology. You can multitask many projects and negotiations at one time therefore producing more.

Keep your cup full…

Ricky Carruth, RE/MAX of Orange Beach



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