Two Books That All Real Estate Agents Should Read

When the market crashed in the late 2000’s and I lost everything I owned, I never stopped working as hard as I could everyday. Life goes up and down. The trick is to recognize this, and understand that the downs are just another phase and there is no reason to be unhappy or unmotivated. I took the down market as a great opportunity to grow personally. During that time, I took a hard look in the mirror and replayed everything that happened over and over again in my mind. I reflected about every decision I made and which ones were the ones that lead me to where I was, at the very bottom. And since I had all the time in the world to reflect and research, I made that my full time job. I watched the agents who survived the market crash, and the ones like myself who did not. I studied the market in terms of the direction of prices and inventory. This gave me a sense of what agents were prepared for the crash and who was not. It also gave me a sense of the market climate and what opportunities are available during a down market. I learned plenty to say the least.

I also had the opportunity to read over 100 books about real estate and self development. Because of my desire to learn and figure out what I did wrong, the market crashing turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me (except for getting married in 2 weeks:)). But, it was during this time (2006-2010) that I experienced the most significant personal growth in my life. Not to say I haven’t continue growing ever since (or even before then). I am always growing, learning and trying new things. How do you think you are reading this blog right now probably minutes after I wrote it? Its because I am always learning, growing and pushing everything to another level. And, that is the game. Learning, growing and taking action, massive action. And, definitely

Much of what drives me is my desire and curiosity to learn more, and explore. I love helping people and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work through trial and error, and there are a lot more errors than you would think. But, the failures are what make us who we are. Too many people shut down in the face of failure. Failure means you are on the right path. Learn from it and keep moving. Its the ONLY way to the top.

There are two of the many books that I believe all agents should read (and really anyone who wants to understand the mindset of a true winner). These books can be used to help you in any walk of life.

The 10X Rule

The first one is The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. I first listened to this one on Audible while I was driving. If I am not making phone calls while I am driving, I am listening to a podcast or audio book. This turns my vehicle into a rolling university of business and personal growth. You see, I squeeze every second out of each and every day. I work, learn and plot from the moment I wake up, until the second I go to sleep. And, yes, that includes learning and growing outside of my career (Health, Love, Happiness). But, back to the book. After I listened to the audio version, I bought the paperback and read that as well. This book will teach you to step your goals up to what they need to be, and the most important thing I got from it was that “there is no scarcity in business.” This was a real breakthrough moment for me as I then understood that (like most people) I had a scarcity mindset the whole time. Which means that business is limited. That’s false. There is more business in your niche available for you than you could ever conceive handling. Once you understand this, it is up to you to reach your maximum potential by maintaining as much as you can possibly handle at all times.

The Slight Edge

The second one is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. This book was also a game changer. It is amazing how Jeff breaks it down. Basically, your success boils down to the little things you do every day that add up over time to be incredibly huge. It is very inspiring and will change your entire outlook on small habits that end up producing big results. This can be applied to anything in your life. For example, if you eat a hamburger today, you will not look any different next week. But, if you ate a hamburger everyday, what would you look like in a few years, and where would your health be? However, if you eat healthy today, not much will change in a few weeks, but over the course of years it’s a BIG difference. Some with business. If you pick up 2 great future leads a day, not much happens in the next week. But, after 2 years of getting 2 leads a day, that’s over 600 great leads and will create HUGE business.

Please do yourself a favor and read these two books if you are looking to grow personally.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ricky Carruth, RE/MAX of Orange Beach



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