How to Crush Real Estate in 2018

Are you a real estate agent looking to absolutely dominate your market in 2018? The time to start is right now. We just hit October 1st, and we are only three months away from the new year. Real estate is a lag business meaning we get paid later (next week, month or year) for what we do today. There are two reasons for this. One is because real estate is built on relationships, and relationships take time to develop. Another reason is because once you develop the relationship with the best real estate scripts and they finally decide to write a contract, it will normally take 30-45 days to close, or if it is a listing, it could take time before you get an offer. Therefore, if you want to crush it in 2018, you must take massive action now. Most of the relationships and deals you put together between now and the end of the year will close next year.

Champions Are Made In The Off-Season

In my first book, Zero to Diamond, there is a chapter titled “Champions Are Made In The Off-Season“. In the beginning of the chapter I quote the great NFL legend Hall of Famer, Walter Payton, “During the off-season when you see other people playing in the Super Bowl, you wonder, and say to yourself, “Are you ever gonna get there and see what that feels like?” And it pushes you a little harder during that off-season to work to try to get there the following year.” This quote really hit home with me the first time I heard it. It opened my eye as to how athletes got better each season. What made them better each year was the work that they put in behind the scenes, in the off-season. Its the work that is done when no one is looking. Then, when the next season comes around, you are ready to compete at a higher level as you have learned from all the mistakes you made last season and worked hard on the fundamentals. Therefore you are mentally and physically better than the season before and in turn succeeding at a higher level. When you really grasp this concept and adopt this method year in and year out to get better and better every year, your business will do what mine has done every year, GROW.

Off-Season Mindset

The problem most agents make is that they do not understand this philosophy, and furthermore do not take advantage of the incredible opportunity that the off-season provides. They float through the year taking the same actions all year long, and make the same money each year. This is not where you want to be in terms of routine.

The first step is to recognize when the off-season is starting. The off-season could be at different times in the year for different markets. So, you have to figure out your market and when the lulls are. For my local market, the Winter is our off-season. You never know exactly when it will hit as it will vary each year. It is a feel thing. Basically, when sales slow down and you start finding yourself with more time on your hands, its time to get your off-season activities cranked off. You switch over from your primary motive of making deals, with a secondary motive of growing your business, to a primary motive of growing your business with a secondary motive of making deals.

Top producers know when to switch gears through the year for the best growth/production. Paying attention to when the selling season comes and goes is HUGE. I want you to get very good at noticing the flow of the yearly market in your area. When properties are selling left and right, take advantage of the rush and squeeze it for everything you can. Then, when it slows down, work even harder during that time to grow your business.


Growing your business means acquiring more market share than what you have currently. Now, what does that mean? Well, my definition of market share is not how many listings or transactions you have compared to the rest of the market. My definition of market share is how many solid relationships you have in place with property owners in the area compared to the total amount of property owners in the area.

Off-Season Training

I am teaching a 30-Day Jumpstart Program starting November 6th that will be focused primarily on everything that I do in the off-season to prepare to dominate the next year. We will be covering a multitude of subjects and take any questions you may have.

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