Close the GAP on The Top Real Estate Agents

How I became #1…

Success in real estate is a complex formula. It involves confidence, book smarts, common sense, work ethic, people skills, tenacity, courage, among many other characteristics. If I named them all, it would take up this entire 800 word blog. A successful agent is the perfect combination of each characteristic, and where they fall short, they acknowledge it and make up for it in other areas. Being self-aware (knowing what you are good at) and taking advantage of that plays a big part too. But, in this article, I want to talk about the characteristic that has really taken my business to another level, and continues to every single day. THE GAP…Closing the gap between myself and those who are more successful.

My competitive nature is a HUGE factor in my success. And, will be a HUGE factor to my future success. I am always raising the bar. WHY? Well, because there is always another agent, coach even just a human that is more successful than I am. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always another level, and that is what drives me. My curiosity of what that next level feel like and the euphoric feeling of achieving it plays such a huge role for me in pushing forward.

Now, lets talk mindset. How do we close that gap on the highest producers in real estate? Well, you can’t do it all of a sudden. It takes years to close the gap completely. Our job is to close it little by little with baby steps of success. Here is the bottom line.: If you can make prospects feel comfortable with you, and you have a system to stay in touch forever, success in real estate simply boils down to which agent has communicated with the most prospects in their career. Plain and simple. Therefore, each and every NEW prospect you talk to could be a step closer to closing that gap, if the top producer you are closing in on did not talk to a new prospect during that time. So, what you have to do is to get your number of new prospects talked to up to the same number (and higher) than the top producer. How do we do that? Easy, watch their actions and figure out how many new prospects they talk to and how often. Then devise a plan to talk to more than they do. Sounds simple, hu? Well, not so much. It would be really hard to find out everything about the top producers business if they wont tell you. Here is the work around: Find a “nice” top producing agent that will tell you a little about where they get their leads and how many they get, etc. Start there.

Secondly, when the top producer takes off, that is your time to close the gap bigtime. If they go on the weekends, when they take a vacation, if they slack off in the slow season (winter in my market), etc. Pay attention to when all the other agents are slacking and take that opportunity to acquire more market share. Market Share is not how many listings you have or how many transactions you close compared to the rest of the market. Sure, you can measure it that way, but I do not. I measure Market Share by how many lifelong relationships an agent has in place with property owners in their area.

When the other agents in your market are sleeping, snatch up MAKRET SHARE by calling as many property owners as you can using the best real estate phone scripts to create the lifelong relationships that will produce so much future business in terms of deals, repeat business and referrals.


Ricky Carruth, RE/MAX of Orange Beach


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