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Let me guess…you are early in your real estate career, and you cant seem to get anything going. Maybe you sold a few properties, but nothing in the last few months. You are feeling frustrated and wondering if real estate is really for you or not. Does this sound familiar? Even if you are a Top Producer this sounds familiar because we ALL go through this same stage. Real estate is full of different stages that you must go through to get to the next level. The stages are the same for every agent. Some agents get stuck in certain stages and can’t seem to get to the next one, and some agents blow through them, one after another. Each level is harder and harder because every stage moves you further and further away from your comfort zone. If you can’t embrace the feeling of breaking through your comfort zone and facing the unknown, you will definitely get stuck in one of the lower stages of real estate and never succeed at the higher levels of the industry.

Answer this question for me: Are there lots of closings happening in your market everyday? Look in your MLS, and go back as far as the system will go. You will find that there are plenty of closing everyday, even at the bottom of the market crash of the late 2000’s. So, even in the worst of markets, transactions are plentiful. I hope this opens your mind to the fact that shortage of closings is not the problem here. There are more closings in the market for each and every agent than they can handle.

So what is the Problem?

The problem is not closings. So, what is the problem? The problem is that you haven’t figured out how to insert yourself as the agent of some of these closings on a consistent basis. There is a steep learning curve in this business. Maybe you are stuck in one of the early stages, and can’t seem to break through. If this is where you are, it all comes back to comfort zone. If you are stuck, this means that you have pushed through the stages to the farthest point that your comfort zone will allow you to go. You must continue moving through the stages until you get through the learning curve of how to become a part of all these closings happening all around you.

Real Estate is a WIN/WIN

I really want this to hit home for you. Real estate is not easy. Its takes time to succeed in any business. But, if you have the right mindset, everything in real estate is a win/win. If you lose a deal, or a deal falls through, that is a win. If you are making calls and prospects hang up on you, or you don’t sell anything during that phone calling session, that is a win. If you work with a buyer for months to find out they can’t get approved for a loan, that is a win. Why are all of these negative experiences a win? Because of three reasons:

  1. You learned something
  2. You get the future time back that you don’t have to spend on that prospect/deal
  3. You didn’t lose anything, it just got postponed (if you maintain the relationship)

Everything bad that happens molds you into a better agent, little by little. This is fast forwarding you through the stages of real estate and helps you get through them at more of a rapid pace. This is what you want. Trust me, you have to become numb to bad things happening if you want to be a top producer. It is ten times worse as a top producing real estate agent. I lose deals and have clients choosing other agents left and right. It is part of the industry.

I want you to fully commit to real estate and bust through the stages of your comfort zone so that you can get to the good times in real estate as quickly as you can. Real estate is a lot of fun when you are selling, but it can be very depressing if you are not. Get moving. You need new clients everyday to succeed. Do not get stuck in a stage and stall out. This will result in you not succeeding and getting out of the business. You are better than that. KEEP PUSHING!!

Let me know if you have any questions…

Ricky Carruth, RE/MAX of Orange Beach




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