Why You Already Know Everyone In The World

Here’s the deal…

We are all human…

We all come from the same place, Planet Earth.

The biggest reason I see real estate agents out there losing is their lack of communicating to enough new prospects on a daily basis because of the fear of talking to strangers. If only they had the right mindset about it. We know everyone. We all go through the same struggles and success’s. We all laugh, love, work, eat and breathe the same. Therefore, there is a huge connection between you and every single person you see. Some bigger than others, but it’s still there.

Let’s say you are from New York, and you take a trip down to Miami, FL. You are there to see some family and decide to go out to dinner. While out on the town, you run into someone you never met and strike a conversation. As you are talking, you realize that you are both from the same city, New York. All of a sudden, you feel like you have known this person for longer than the few minutes you have been talking. Now, you have an overwhelming feeling of comfortableness with this person. It’s like you are from the same tribe. Long lost siblings finally united.

Now, what was the difference in before you knew that this stranger was from the same place as you and after? Nothing. It was all in your mind. You felt like they were a complete stranger until you found out they were from your home town.

Why can’t you have this same mindset with anyone you meet (or, cold call)?

What if you were on another planet? Let’s say Mars. So, you are chilling on Mars, and enjoying the scenery. The all of a sudden, another human comes strolling by (from a different country then what you are from) and starts a conversation with you. After a few minutes, you both realize that you are both from Planet Earth. All of a sudden, one of you say, “Oh my goshhhh…me too!” Now, it like…”What’s uppppp?” Like you are both brothers from another mother. Right? Tell me I am wrong. This would totally happen. It’s like you knew each other forever even though they are from a completely different country on Earth. There is a huge sense of calmness and comfortableness. Much more then before you found out where they were from.

My point is that anyone you talk to is from the same planet as you, so therefore, you know them to a certain point.

Someone told me a few weeks ago in a live show that they loved my approach and how I act like I know my cold prospects. I replied, “Thank you for your comment, but its not that I am acting like I know they…I DO KNOW THEM. We are both humans.” I believe that you should approach everyone as if they were family. Harness the same mindset you have when you are calling or talking to a close family member. That is the way you should be with everyone.

Go deep with your prospects and create lifelong relationships. Each client is worth 10-20 deals on average over the life of your career through the form of repeat business and referrals. You never know where a solid relationship will lead you (even if they do not buy or sell anytime soon). Do not throw away any prospect. Keep them in your database and find ways to bring them all value long-term. One deal means nothing…the relationship means everything.

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