How to Become the #1 Real Estate Agent in your Market

Becoming the #1 real estate agent in your market is simple, but not easy.

What’s easy is telling you how I did it. What is not easy is you implementing these steps and mindset long enough to reach the top of your market. There is no set time frame that it will take you. It’s different for everyone with different skill sets in different markets. However, what I can tell you is that you just have to put in the work until you get there. Once you get there, you will want to push even harder to stay there (trust me).

  1. If you out work the top agent in your market today, then you are #1 today. Find the top producer in your market, and research their business. How many closings, new & active listings per day, week, month and year are they producing? These numbers will tell you a lot about where you need to be to achieve the goal of top agent in the area. Once you find this info in your local MLS, it’s time to get to work out producing everybody.
  2. Conversation is the key to all closings. PERIOD. If you do not talk to any prospects that might be willing to buy or sell a property, then you will never sell anything. On the flip side, the more prospects you talk to, the more closings you will have. It is very simple math. The agent that has the most conversations with prospects in the market WINS. This is how you reverse engineer yourself into having more closings than you can ever handle. It all starts with conversation. So, outworking the highest producer in your market means having more conversations with prospects than they do. Nothing else matters if you want to be the highest producer. Your website, Facebook ads, business cards, postcards, etc. None of this matters if you are not having enough conversations with prospects.
  3. Property Owners are the most efficient prospects to work with. They are the best buyers and, of course, the only source for listings. So, it’s the best of both worlds. You get buyers and sellers out of concentrating on only one type of prospect. And, the good news is that there is an unlimited source of them to contact asking “How can I help you?” You will never call them all. Therefore, you have “job security” for the rest of your life. More than you can handle. Why would you deal with any other prospects?
  4. With today’s technology, you can call 100’s of property owners from the comfort of your office all day long. Again, it is amazing to me that most agents are not doing this. If you know of a better way to talk to more property owners, please let me know. With a dialer, I can find all the phone numbers of owners in a subdivision and start calling them (three at a time if I want) with a few clicks of the mouse. What took me 15 hours 10 years ago looking up each individual number and dialing them all by hand, now takes me 1-2 hours. I can produce the same results ten times faster in todays world. I appreciate it because I did it the old way for over a decade. The best one is REDX. They find the best phone numbers (some are cell numbers), and have the triple dialer-I would start out with single until you get the hang of it. Their GEO LEAD feature is how you find phone numbers in a specific subdivision. 
  5. Approach every prospect you talk to with long-term outlook. Create lifelong relationships the first time you talk to them. This takes practice, but is the most efficient way to grow your business. Closings are happening everyday. Therefore, if you are talking to enough prospects on a daily basis, you will run into some of these clients who are closing deals today. And, they will want to do business with you because you were not trying to high-pressure sell them. Prospects can smell a real estate agent who is just “after a deal”. Most high-pressure, short-term thinking agents live off the less than 1% of prospects who are ready to do a deal today. However, wouldn’t you want to not only live off of that less than 1% like them, but then also work with the other 20-30% of prospects you encountered who liked you enough to do a deal with you, they just were not ready. If you can use my phone script and create a first impression that you really care for them, would love to work with them in the future and follow up for the rest of their life, then you have a shot a becoming the #1 real estate agent in your market.
  6. Follow up forever. Once you make contact and give a good impression, it is time to put them in your database of past and future clients and start the follow up process. I suggest a weekly email to your entire database on the same day of the week forever. I have sent my database a weekly email every Wednesday since 2007. The weekly email creates a nice situation where you do not have to follow up as much. Its keeps them in tune with the market and shows them how hardworking, dependable, professional, knowledgeable, and successful you are. This way you can maintain relevance with a large group of clients that otherwise you could not. If you continue generating leads the right way (property owners over the phone), and placing them in your email database, over time you will develop a business in which 1000’s of property owners are receiving this email from you and will see you as their go-to agent.

I believe the biggest takeaway from this article is to have more conversations with new prospects than the highest producing agent in your market on a daily basis coming from a place of “How can I help you?” instead of “Would you consider buying or selling today?”

If you stick to these six steps long enough, you will be the #1 agent in your market.

Visualize yourself as the number one agent in your market everyday, day by day. And, don’t stop until you get there.

Enjoy the journey and put happiness at the top of your list…

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