Win a TRIP to Orange Beach to meet with Ricky

I want to fly you and a friend (spouse or fellow agent) to Orange Beach and put you up in a room right on the beach for two nights to shadow me and hang out for a day.

If this is your first time meeting me, I am a 16 year real estate agent. I do over 100 deals and $1,000,000 a year as a single agent. I still sell full-time. Over the last two years, I wrote two books and started coaching agents for 100% free. My program includes a detailed course, 90-day action plan, full access and live training with me twice a month. The Zero to Diamond system teaches you how I built my business though lifelong relationships. I show you who to call, what to say and how to follow up forever. Not FSBOs, Expireds or Buyer Leads (if you don’t want to). Opposite of the high-pressure, objection handling mainstream coaching programs. Over 5,000 agents are crushing it in the program as you are reading this. It’s all there for you at no charge so now there are no excuses for you to succeed.

To enter the contest, follow the steps below…

I will pick a winner LIVE October 31st, 2018

This will help spread the ZTD message and get us closer to our overall goal to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry

How to win:

  1. Join the 100% free real estate coaching program here
  2. Add at least 10 real estate agents to the Facebook Group
  3. Write a book review on Amazon for one of my books here
  4. Give my podcast a 5-star review on iTunes
  5. Write a review on Google here
  6. Post a picture of yourself and me (if you have one—if not, one of you and one of my books, or just something concerning me or ZTD) on IG and your FB profile saying how much me and ZTD has done to help you (you must tag me)
  7. Tell the agents in your office about me verbally and share your favorite video/podcast of mine with them via email
  8. Follow me on both Instagram and YouTube and turn post notifications on
  9. Like and comment on all future YouTube videos forever (this is big and will help spread my message to more agents)
  10. Get as many other agents as you can to join in on this contest (if they win, you could be the one they decide to bring with them to Orange Beach, work as a team and have as many other agents as possible to up your chances)
  11. Try to set up a Zoom/Skype call with your company at a future sales meeting for Q&A
  12. Join the #321club here (#321club means “Have No Fear”)
  13. If you are already a member, turn your phone sideways and create a 1-2 min video testimonial (send it to me through using the email address
  14. And, anything else you can think of to help spread my message

Once all the steps are completed, email me at with your name and location so I can put your name in the raffle.

GOOD LUCK and thank you so much

Together we will succeed…

Ricky Carruth

RE/MAX of Orange Beach


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