Why Email Open Rates Don’t Matter As Much As You Think

If you are using email to build your business, I want you to stop worrying about the open rate right now…

Today we are going to talk about open rates in email and why they do not matter as much as you think they do. Since 2007 I’ve been sending a weekly email every single Wednesday to my entire database. That’s every single week since 2007 through everything; market crashes, hurricanes, changing companies, vacations, and through all the weird moments in my life where I could have just said “you know what, I just don’t feel like sending that email this week”, but I sent it anyway. I have been consistent. The weekly email shows my clients how dependable, professional, consistent, hardworking, and knowledgeable that I am. It does all the heavy lifting for me to build that relationship deeper. I get phone calls all the time from people saying they have been getting my email 5-6 years and they are ready to do something. You can ask any of my thousands coaching clients in my Zero to Diamond free real estate coaching program if it works. It is working for them. I have only been coaching for 2 years now and there are clients I have in the coaching program that are crushing it. It creates a snowball for you and allows you to scale your business.

What I want to do for you right now is give you the company I use to send my weekly email. You can start a free trial and grab my newest eBook “How I Make a Million Dollars A Year Using Email.” CLICK HERE

One of the biggest questions I get, and a lot of the comments that I see in the Zero to Diamond Facebook group, is about email open rate. They tell you what their open rate is, they want to know if it is good or bad, they want to know what your open rate is, and everyone is talking about open rates. Open rates are only half the story.

Here’s an example; I send my weekly email to over 12,000 people a week, 2,500 of those people open it every week. The reason I am not worried about the open rates is because on top of the 2,500 people that open it every week, what’s interesting to me is the other 2,500 people that saw it in their inbox, they aren’t interested in doing anything at the moment, but they see it in their inbox every single Wednesday and they are going to continue see it in their box every Wednesday. In 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years whenever they do become interested in doing a deal, they are going to start opening it at that point. They saw it in their inbox every week and they realize how consistent, professional, dependable I am. It’s an extension of who I am, and it shows my clients, future clients, and past clients exactly what my personality is. I’m going to be consistent for you and do what I say I am going to do for you. I’m going to be the hardest working salesman for you. That is what the email does. It proves to them who you are. 2,500 of them open it every week, that’s a 20 percent open rate. Like I said, what’s even more interesting to me is that extra 20 percent that’s not opening it up but see it. This is called an impression. Impressions are just as valuable as the opens. This goes for social media too, ever one is so concerned with how many likes/engagements they are getting on their posts, but I am telling you to focus on the impressions as well. The engagements are great, but impressions are more to the story. Not everybody may not have liked whatever you are posting about, but they saw it and they know about it. That means something, just because they didn’t hit the like button or leave a comment doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean anything. I think we are in a world that is really focused on open and engagement rates when we need to be focused on the impressions and the consistency of them. Someone may see content 15, 20, 30 or 50 times before they actually engage or are interested in whatever the product is.

Let’s also talk about the people that unsubscribe to your weekly email, because I know that stings. I know a lot of people say it upsets them, but you know what, it’s perfectly fine. You are not going to win them all and you have to let them go. You have to be okay with losing some in order to produce more. The first thing I want you to get out of this is if you’re not doing a weekly email then you are losing business because there are people in your past that are thinking about doing deals, but they aren’t thinking about you because you aren’t at top of their mind and you’re not doing anything to stay in touch with them. Now if you’re brand new and you have a small database and you can afford to call you 10-20 past clients, great. but what’s going to happen when you get to 500-2000 past clients? You cannot call all of those people because when you call past clients they want to catch up for 30 minutes. It’s not like a cold call that will be 1-2 minutes. Every past client is going to want to catch up for 10-30, even 40 minutes to see what’s going on. You want that don’t get me wrong, but fact is you can’t call 1000 people like that, so you have to have something in place so you can scale your real estate business. This is very effective, and it doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 5 million, it will only take 30 minutes to put it together each week. I really want you guys to take advantage of this, reach out if you have any questions at all.

Again, start a free trial and grab my newest eBook “How I Make a Million Dollars A Year Using Email.” CLICK HERE

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