Building a reputation as the very best real estate agent in the area is just like everything else in life. The fundamentals are simple. The hard part is to do the fundamentals consistently over years and decades. In the book, Zero to Diamond: Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent and in the ZTD Online Course, I talk about the four key principals to follow if you want to become know as a great agent.

  1. Work Hard
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be Low-Pressure
  4. Be Easy to get along with

Lets dig into these four principals a little deeper as it relates to real estate agents…

  1. Hard Work: All of the four principals are equally as important. But, this one really stands out to me as slightly more important than the others. Although, you cannot survive on just hard work alone, it is one of the more prominent common denominators in all high producing agents around the world. Many high producers will tell you, “If you just show up and work hard, good things just happen.” One of my previous brokers told me, “If you treat real estate like a job, it will be the best paying job you ever had.” I already worked hard before hearing him say that. But, it did give me a different perspective. Real Estate, if treated like a regular 9-5 job, is the best opportunity to excel your life beyond your wildest dreams. I have 2 ideas on working hard to build a great reputation. Get to the office before everyone else everyday, forever. And, pick a high producing agent and out work them. When you get to the office before anyone else every morning, and people all over town start seeing your vehicle parked in the same spot everyday, all day long, you will start to become known as the hardest working agent around. This builds your reputation greatly. Then, while you are at the office each and every day, all day long, lets make the best of it. Observe a high producing agent in your office and/or area, and research them. Find out how many deals they do and how many listings they take per month and year. Reverse engineer these results into what their daily habits are. How many phone calls are they making? How many mailings are they sending? What are they doing on Social Media? How many hours do they work? So on and so forth…Then take this research and devise a plan to out work this agent. Soon enough, if you follow through for the rest of your career, you will eventually become the new higher producer. Hard work is the backbone and should be embraced for the long term. Enjoy the journey…

Document your journey on your Facebook business page by posting there three times a day. This shows work ethic to your clients and community.

2. Be Honest: Honestly is the best policy. This is where you build trust in everyone around you: your clients, friends, family, community, etc. They key to building a reputation around being honest is to consistently be honest in every situation, every single time…100%. There is absolutely no room for error. Your intent must be pure. It must be to bring value to everyone else and not just for your self. Others will see right through you if your intent is not pure and you have even the slightest bit of dishonesty about you.

If you are asked a question that you are unsure of the answer, tell the client that you do not know. Then, go find the correct answer and bring it back to them. This will show them that you care about them and are very honest.

Be honest in every situation…

3. Be Easy to Deal With: This is important when it comes to dealing with the public and/or any clients. But, I like to emphasize becoming very easy to deal with when it comes to other local agents. The other agents in your area are and will be a HUGE part of your success. Always be very easy to deal with and when something doesn’t go your way, let it roll off your back like water on a duck. Let the other party know that it is ok. This shows how professional and understanding you are. Clients and other agents will view you as an agent that they feel comfortable working with under any circumstances. This is the type of reputation you want. Become laid-back and easy going. However, always ready to strike as the aggressor when the time is right. Pick and choose your battles. Be smart and keep your reputation in mind at all times.

4. Be Low-Pressure: I built my entire career from this very principle. Do not try to force anyone into doing something that they do not want to do. If a client does not want to buy or sell a property right now, that is ok. Why is that ok?? Because they will want to buy or sell later. And, by not trying to force them into the deal before they were ready, you retain their friendship and they feel comfortable with you. Therefore, your chances of representing them when they do decide its time to pull the trigger is extremely high. On the other side, if you do try to force them into the deal to early, you have a extremely low possibility to represent them later when they decide to move forward. Developing the skill set of being low pressure and making clients feel comfortable with you will become one of your biggest assets in real estate. This will prove to them that you are looking out for their best interest and create massive amounts of repeat business and referrals throughout the rest of your career. Repeat business and referrals that you would miss out on if you try to force deals every time you talk to a potential client.

Mindset is 90% of this business. Understanding the landscape and what the end result needs to be could be the difference in making $50,000-$100,000 and making $1,000,000+. Be mindful of others and your reputation. If you ever have a question of how you should handle a situation, refer back to the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would like done to yourself…



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