Hey! What’s up everybody…

As you may have heard, I have launched my very first NFT project. You can find it here

Most people still do not know what an NFT is or how to buy them. So, I wanted to write this article to help. If you still have questions afterward, feel free to DM me on Instagram

What is an NFT?

NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that live on the same blockchain as cryptocurrencies. Once one is created, it can not be duplicated. You can make one that looks just like it, but that will be a second edition of the first one, and this second one can never be replicated either. They are always one of a kind. Think of it like digital baseball cards that have serial numbers that separate them, except NFTs have smart contracts instead that separate their uniqueness.

I believe NFTs are the future. I think we will buy real estate, cars, boats and anything else with cryptocurrency and NFTs will be our deeds and titles.

Once you buy an NFT, they are stored on your phone in your digital wallet. You must have a digital wallet to purchase an NFT, and that digital wallet must hold the cryptocurrency ETH ready to make the purchase.

My NFT project will only consist of 100 NFTs that will give you access to me in different ways as well as the rest of the holders of my NFTs. They will range from 1.5-8 ETH. So, have your digital wallet ready with at least 1.5 ETH as soon as you can. So, not only does this give you more access to me to help your business, but also an opportunity for you to invest in me as a person and my brand. #exciting

I bought a Gary Vee NFT a few months ago for $8K and have three offers on the table right now for over $70K. And, I am not selling…

How to Buy an NFT?

  1. Create a Digital Wallet: I use metamask.io for this. You can download the app and create your account. Do not share the “seed phrase” with anyone, and don’t take a picture of it with your phone. Write it down and put it in a safe place. This is like your password to your wallet.
  2. Buy ETH: I use coinbase.com for this. Go there and create an account and link it to your bank account. Then you can buy many different cryptocurrencies from there. You want to buy ETH for the purposes of buying NFTs. 
  3. Send ETH from Coinbase to your wallet: Once you have bought ETH, you now need to send it to your wallet. You simply do this by opening up your wallet and copying the “public key”. Then , go back to Coinbase and select to “Send crypto to another wallet”. Select ETH and hit continue. Paste your wallet’s public key in and send away. You will then see the ETH in your digital wallet.
  4. Buy an NFT: Now you are ready to buy an NFT. Simply go to the website that the NFT is located. Click “Connect Wallet”. Pick the NFT you want to purchase and select “buy now” or “make bid”. Move forward through the purchase process from there and BAM. You own your very first NFT.


Once you buy an NFT, you will see it in your digital wallet. Easy as that…

Find my NFT project here

I really hope this helped, but like I said, DM me if you have any further questions.



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