If you want to really achieve greatness in this world, one key part of the equation is the ability to draw attention. How much attention can you obtain? What kind of attention do you attract? Is it good? Is it bad? Of course, to become super successful, you must create to correct kind of attention. You don’t want to be know as the agent who was caught comingling earnest money, or misleading a client. This is not the attention that we are speaking of. You want to become known as the agent who gets attention for being the most honest, professional, hard-working, dependable, low-pressure and easy to work with in your area. This is the correct type of attention you want. This is also known as your reputation. Your reputation is a combination of your actions over time that you become known for.

Once you understand the right kind of attention that you should be receiving, now it is time to figure out how to draw that type of attention on a very large scale. Like Grant Cardone says, “If people don’t know you, they can’t flow you.” Which means that how can someone do business with you if they have no idea who you are. You must put the work in to spread the word about who you are and why you are the best. Everyone needs to know you and what you are about. You need attention. You need a lot of it, now.

Just like there are good and bad attention that you can project about yourself, there are also two kinds of attention in correlation to building a strong business.

  1. Broad Attention– The attention that you draw broadly with huge numbers of people
  2. Individual Attention– The attention you show someone on an individual basis

You must understand the relationship between these two. Most agents fear the Individual Attention. They fear the one-on-one with potential clients and shy away from it. They believe that if they can somehow get enough Broad Attention, then they wont even have to deal with the Individual Attention that is needed. However, if they only knew that the Individual Attention you give prospects is just as important as the Broad Attention.

Broad Attention is created publically through many avenues of advertisement; letters, postcards, e-mails, signs, billboards, social media, commercials, etc. This is the type of attention that is paid for and the more you pay the more you get. if executed correctly and long enough, people in your market will start to recognize your name synonymous with real estate. This in much needed. People must know you to flow you. A word comes to mind that I read in a book one time and that is “Omni Presence”. This means that you are everywhere at the same time. A real domination of marketing in which you slowly start to take over. This drives a huge quantity of Broad Attention in your direction. This is great! Much needed. The problem is that most agents can do this part of the attention attracting process, but are not so good at the other side, the Individual Attention.

Individual Attention is the one-on-one attention that you give to each prospect/client. This is where you make or break your career. You must be good at letting a massive amount of people know you, and also good at giving them a very high level of attention back once you are in front of them individually…on the phone or in person. It is said that the agent who, “has the most conversations, wins.” I believe this to be true to the fullest extent. The difference in Broad and Individual Attention is that Broad will work for you, but Individual you must work for. In other words, Broad Attention can be in action while you pursue other activities, while Individual Attention is something you must be there for in the moment. Individual Attention is where the work is in real estate. If you can master putting great amounts of Broad Attention into action while hammering out Individual Attention at the same time, you will be most effective.

Build your business model around getting the right kind of attention and the right amount of attention needed to surpass your goals and take your business and life to another level.


Thanks for reading

Ricky Carruth



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