Ricky Values

Success is a Lifestyle
List to Last
Referrals are king
Honesty is a given
Stay optimistic
Never stop learning

About Ricky Carruth

After growing up roofing houses with my father in Alabama and dropping out of college, I started selling real estate when I was 20 years old. It was 2002. I made a million dollars before I was 23 and lost it all in the market crash. I had to go back to roofing houses, went bankrupt and worked on an oil rig. During that time of sleeping in my car, I read 100 books and realized that business is about people (not money). I then created the phrase “Relationships over Transactions”. You see, every relationship you create with someone in your market, regardless if they buy or sell today or not, is worth 10-20 deals to you over the life of your career. Eventually, I got back in real estate in 2008. By 2014, I was selling 100 deals a year as a single agent and became the #1 REMAX agent in Alabama. In 2017, I wrote two books and started coaching agents for free. Now I am one of the top coaches and speakers in the industry as the founder of Zero to Diamond, the fastest growing real estate agent coaching program in the world. The mission is to reduce the failure rate among real estate agents while still closing over 100 deals a year. I now have several million dollar businesses and a team of hundreds of real estate agents all over the world. The best is yet to come.

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Some of Ricky’s Quotes

“Relationships over transactions”

“Business is unlimited forever”

“Competition doesn’t exist”

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