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Success is a Lifestyle
List to Last
Referrals are king
Honesty is a given
Stay optimistic
Never stop learning

About Ricky Carruth

Born and raised along the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast, Ricky Carruth has built an incredible real estate business based on the core values of creating strong relationships and being a servant to others. Now, he wants to give back to the real estate community by helping new and experienced agents who want to take their business to the next level and beyond.

Ricky is not only a real estate coach but also continues to actively sale real estate himself. There are very few coaches available that have actually sold real estate, much less continue to actively sell real estate while coaching. He is at the top of his market with his finger on the pulse of today’s consumers along with the challenges active agents face.

In real estate since 2002, Ricky has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows of the market. Surviving the ups and downs, he learned the harsh lessons of the business. Finally realizing that the secret ingredient to a successful career is building strong relationships by following his four key principals. Since then, he has risen to being the top producer in his market selling over 100 properties per year in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as single agent.

Ricky became the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama in 2014 and 2017 and winner of many awards and achievements since. Reaching such a high level in the industry and realizing the failure rate among agents is so high, Ricky started Zero to Diamond, a coaching company created to help agents differently than any other coaching program available by sharing his highly unique low-pressure approach with agents across the country. Since its creation, Zero to Diamond has received nothing but 5-star reviews. Ricky wrote two books, created an online course, developed a video library and works with agents one-on-one as well. A very hard worker and even better communicator and coach. Ricky is the highest form of a salesman to ever walk the earth.

To this day, Ricky continues pushing to be a better agent and help others. The top is never high enough. Every time he hits a new milestone, he finds a new way to help more people. Giving back is his largest asset and secret behind much of his success. Ricky also gives to charities all over the country as well as the real estate community.

Some of Ricky’s Quotes

“Relationships are far more valuable than transactions”

“Everything you fear is actually an amzing opportunity (market crashing/losing a deal).”

“Listings are the greatest multiplier of time in the history of real estate.”

Welcome to the Fastest Growing Real Estate Coaching Program in the World!

Below you will find the course work that Ricky personally put together for you!

Why This Course is Free

Welcome to the Zero to Diamond: Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent online course. Thank you for your motivation to become a great agent.

Tools To Get You Started

I put this Tools to get you started course together to set a clear path for you as you begin your journey to real estate stardom. Every source that is here I use!

Be The #1 Agent In Your Market

All I wanted was to accomplish my goal of getting to # 1 and I worked hard for 15 hours a day, for 15 years, and I finally achieved it. And.. YOU CAN TOO!

Start Circle Prospecting

Watch the live coaching session below on my entire process of Circle Prospecting. It took me over 15 years to perfect this system. Take advantage.

Watch Ricky Make Live Calls

The best way I know to teach you how to do this is to let you watch me do it live. Here is the live session where I made 84 calls. Must Watch!

Ricky's Weekly Email

A weekly email/newsletter builds the relationships for me so I can continue to build my business with new clients. It keeps me on top of everyone’s mind.

Branding With Social Media

Here is another live session on everything I am doing on Social Media to build my brand as the local authority in real estate. Don’t over-think Social Media.

Finding Phone Number of Property Owners

I have tried everything out there in terms of finding property owners to call to create these lifelong relationships. My easy solution, REDX Geo Leads.

Free Coaching Call with Ricky

This course gives you all the ins and outs of how I have built my business, but you will not build your exactly the same way. #321club

60-Day Jumpstart Program

There are TWO 30-Day Jumpstart Programs. First one is a general jump-start to your business. Second one is taking advantage of the slow time of year.

Bonus Video's and Coaching Calls

Take advantage of watching videos, listening to coaching calls, live sessions and more. This bundle of tools comes from the days of old. When it all wasn’t free.

Free Future Training Sessions

I do live training sessions every other Friday on YouTube Live here. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on so that you do not miss any important videos or training sessions.

All Zero to Diamond Resources

The mother lode. The 90 day action plan, circle prospecting, FSBO scripts, Expired scripts, Farming scripts, and more.

I have sold over 100 properties a year since 2014 as a single agent

All of my training 100% Free

Highly Recommended Partnerships

The redX

REDX is the software I use to find the phone numbers and call property owners using their dialer. There is plenty of education on how to use REDX in this course. It will also send you daily FSBO and Expired numbers if you wish. This is the most exciting new age tool for real estate agents in my opinion. You can do so much more damage then I could when I first started in the business. Contact them, great stuff.

Constant Contact

This is the program that I use to send out my weekly email report to my entire database. Sign up for my free trial and I will send you my eBook “How I Made $1,000,000 in Real Estate Using Email”. I also have a video tutorial on youtube on how I set up my weekly email on Constant Contact. The email I have sent out every Wednesday since 2007. Sign up and Ill send you my FREE E-book.

If you want a real estate website/IDX solution that resembles my site, then here you go. I negotiated an incredible deal with the company I used for my sites, and trust me, I didn’t get this deal.  I paid way more.  For a limited time,  for any ZTD member, the deals are insane.  No cookie cutter corporate websites, take advantage of this one while it lasts.  Click below to inquire.


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