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Ricky teaches you everything that took him almost two decades to learn on his own.


Received the RE/MAX Diamond award 2014 & 2017

Was the #1 Alabama RE/MAX agent 2014 & 2017

Sold $42,000,000 in 2017

Sold 100 Properties a year since 2014 as a Single Agent

Wrote two books for Real Estate Agents

Wants to reduce the failure rate in the Real Estate Industry


Jason Lane Garrison

“Ricky Carruth thanks for always being real and thanks for your dedication to seeing the success rate for other real estate agents grow. You’ve got a big heart to do what you do. I’m glad 2017 was a prosperous year for you. Sounds like 2018’s going to be even better. I’m a hard working agent in Birmingham and I’m committed to following and totally believe in circle prospecting. I’ve been in the business for 1 year and 2 months. I’ve got a long way to go in my business but very happy and thank God for my first year success of 22 sides and $3.8million in business. Through luck and the grace of God I stumbled upon your facebook and YouTube content early in 2017. What you teach is spot on. It’s not fancy or sexy. It’s about being real and approaching people/homeowners with a servant mindset. How can I be of service? Don’t sell them, help them. It’s not about me. Your teaching has changed the way I do business. Thank you again for putting yourself out there each day to bring us real, practical, tactical and applicable information.
Jason Garrison @ ERA King Real Estate”

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Zack Rosicka

Zack is a real estate agent for Century 21 in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Zach Manock

Zack is a real estate agent for Landmark Properties in Fresno, California.

Tim Benefield

Tim is a real estate agent for RE/MAX in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Carol Lopez

Carol is a real estate broker for Keller Williams on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

David Janssen

Daivd is a real estate agent for Century 21 in Houston,Texas and surrounding.

Al Watson

Al is a real estate agent for USA West Realty in Scottsdale, AZ.


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