Ricky Carruth: Current Net Worth $5 Million

Ricky Carruth is a real estate agent, coach, investor, entrepreneur, YouTuber and all around nice guy. His work ethic and ability to communicate are his largest strengths. In 2002, he jumped into the real estate business headfirst, and never looked back. A millionaire by the age of 23, he lost it all in the crash of the late 2000’s forcing him back into roofing houses and even worked on an oil rig for a year. After going through that experience and reading over 100 books during that time, he got back into real estate in 2008. From there he built his real estate business founded on stronger relationships with his clients and ended up building an empire as he became the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama. In 2017, after creating a huge personal brand in his local market for his real estate business, he decided to build a global brand as the worlds very first completely free real estate coach. He STILL sells real estate as a single agent closing over 100 deals every year since 2014, and loves every minute of it. Feel free to reach out to Ricky on Instagram where he answers every message.

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