Let me paint this picture for you…

You are a real estate agent. You are brand new in the business, or you have been in the game for a number of years. Your business is either nonexistent, or barely above survival mode. As you look around, there are other agents in your market that are killing it. The agents that are killing it do not seem very different at all from you as a person. They are just as nice, hardworking, motivated, etc. SO, WHATS THE DEAL? Why do they succeed at a very high level, and you are still sitting in the same spot you have been sitting in since you started, survival mode.

The Difference in High Producers and Low Producers

And, I hope this is an AHA moment for you…

High producers spend half their time on current deals and the other half on building their business. Building their business is focused on creating and maintaining relationships with 1000’s of niche property owners through conversation. Low producers spend ALL their time on current deals. They get a few listings or contracts in escrow, and it blows their mind. Somehow these few deals start taking up all their time. How? I don’t know. This has never been a problem for me, but it is a huge problem for many agents. Heck, I even talk to agents who tell me that a few buyers that haven’t even bought anything yet are taking up every second of their day. This is mind blowing to me, but I understand that everyone is different. That is why I wanted to bring it up in this blog. Not many real estate coaches bring this up.

If you spend all your time trying to survive, that’s all you will ever do…SURVIVE. Don’t you want more than just survival? Reconstruct your business model. Start focusing 50% of your time surviving on current deals, and the other 50% ON BECOMING #1 IN 5-10 YEARS.

The Time is NOW…

I will tell you what part of your problem is. And, yes, I am talking to you. I don’t care how on top of your game you are, how much property you sell or how long you have been in the business. There is not one person out their that couldn’t be doing more and going bigger. Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg can both take their game to another level (which they are constantly doing…that’s why they are where they are). So, back to the subject, your problem. You are not thinking big enough or taking enough action. Why? Because you are contemplating. Because you are scared. Scared of what? Well, most of you are scared of overwhelming yourself with too much business thinking that your customer service will deteriorate. Last I heard, having too much business is a good thing. And, until you overwhelm yourself with business, you don’t know how much you can or cannot handle at one time. What are you waiting for? Your success is predicated on how much work and effort you put into helping others realize their goals. Notice the first part, how much work and effort. In other words, you will get out of it what you put into it. The last part is helping others realize their goals. So, if you just take the leap of faith and start working like a government mule to help people, how can you lose? You can’t. Once you figure this out, nothing should be holding you back anymore. There is nothing else to contemplate or be scared of. The time is now to take massive action to help as many people as you humanly can. This will reap massive results. Results that you could never imagine. So big that if you only knew, you would work twice as hard just to get their quicker.

I want you to start right this second. Schedule your day-to-day business around surviving half the time and building a huge business the other half. Time blocking is key. Remember, there is no difference between you and the highest producer in your area. They just focus on current business and future business, whereas you might be only focusing on current business. Change your mindset. Change your thinking. Be proactive in terms of survival in this business. Like go ahead and start building a huge database full of property owners you have had great conversations with and who said, “Sure, I will call you when I get ready to buy or sell.” Now, what real estate training have you heard say that?

Quit going after the deal and concentrate only on the relationship. The deals will come, and quicker than you think…

Thanks for reading…

Ricky Carruth, RE/MAX of Orange Beach



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