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Learn how one agent grew a monster business from just two leads per day.

Selling over 100 properties a year, year in and year out, is a huge feat for a single agent. I have accomplished this, and still work everyday to get better and better. Never stop learning new ways to improve your skills regardless of the level of success you achieve.

Questions to regularly ask yourself include: “What’s next? What can I add to what I already do?” And “What can I do better? What can I stop doing that may be slowing my growth down?” To begin answering these key challenges, pay close attention to the high producers around you. Learn everything you can from them. Ask them questions and listen intensely.


IBM used to post these signs all around their offices: THNK. The misspelling was intended to make employees do just that: think. Be mindful of your activities and experiences, good and bad. Find the golden nugget hidden in every situation. Learn from your mistakes and strive to get better. Real estate is one of those fields that you actually get paid to learn. The more you learn, the more you get paid.

When I first started back in 2002, I worked all night looking up the phone numbers that I wanted to call the next day. I would try to locate up to a hundred numbers each night. With luck, I would only find about half of them. I did this for the first two years of my career. Look up numbers all night, then calling them the next day. Everyday for two long years. During that time there were plenty of heartbreaks and frustration. Lots of hang-up’s and dead-end calls. However, on a good day, I would connect meaningfully with at least two prospects. And that was enough to begin laying a foundation for my business.

Practice Over Time Equals Skill

Keep in mind that this was when I was brand new in real estate, and my phone skills were not yet honed. Without really knowing it, I was going for quantity more than quality. Both are vital, but quality develops only over time. The point is, I was willing to make that large volume of calls because I knew it was the quickest way to success. As I got further into my career, I became very skilled over the phone and increased my success rate by leaps and bounds.

Out of the 50 or so numbers I would find, half of those were disconnected, most of the rest were not home and out of the five I did talk to, I might only connect with two (on average). Now I strive for quality first, but I haven’t forgotten quantity, either. But the key point is, I would not have developed my quality skills without my high quantity of attempts.

Other agents who knew me back then and saw what I was doing had doubts. Some laughed. They thought I was crazy, headed for failure. I worked all night “just” to connect with two iffy prospects—many of whom were not about to buy or sell property in the near future. Whoo hooo! Right? Well, while they were laughing at me, what they didn’t realize is that I knew what the end result would be. I was playing the long-term game.

Patient Focus

So I was not bothered by the agents’ skeptical view of what I was doing, nor by the prospects who hung-up on me during my calling sessions. What I did care about were the two prospects who did connect with me over the phone, who told me that it was okay for me to stay in touch with until they decided to buy or sell. That’s who I focused on. I blocked out everything else. My job was to do what I said I would do while being persistent and patient. I stayed in close contact with those prospects until the day came when they decided it was time for them to use me as their real estate agent. So that is what I zeroed-in on, making 50 calls a day and staying in touch with the few prospects I connected with from those calls.

Two connections a day means at least 10 a week. Then 40 a month, leading to hundreds per year. After two years of long hours looking up numbers and cold calling strangers, I had built a database of over 1000 prospects. These were not just names on a list. They were folks who had spoken with me over the phone, told me they would use my services one day and had begun a relationship with me. True prospects, many of whom became true clients.

More than Just Calls

Of course, it was more than just phone calls. I would meet with them, follow-up, and share lunches and dinners. For both those prospects and their referrals, I showed them appropriate properties and listed and sold many of their properties for them. At the end of two years, I had completed over 30 transactions and built hundreds of the strongest relationships that you can have as clients. That was not a bad start to my career!

With over 105 transactions in 2016, I am still making cold calls every week looking for new clients to connect with. I understand that without a constant flow of new clients into your business, you will not grow. Sure, I receive plenty of past clients and referrals, but nothing beats gaining a new clients and having the security that your business is still growing.

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