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In such a crowded space, is there enough room for you in the huge world of real estate? The answer will surprise you…
During a time when so many new agents are getting into the real estate business, how do you compete? Everywhere you look, there is another real estate sign or billboard. With the high number of agents in the market, doesn’t every possible buyer or seller already have an agent in mind if decide it’s time to move forward with a deal? The truth is that most people do not have a current relationship in place with a real estate agent. This leaves the door wide open for any agent to step in and create the relationships needed to sustain a long-term, prosperous career in real estate. Most newer agents do not understand this. They come into the business with a mindset that real estate is cutthroat and hard to compete. This just simply is not true. Since most people do not have an agent already and most agents aren’t building their business around finding these people and creating life-long relationships with them, the sky is the limit for any agent who recognizes this and seizes the opportunity.

The failure rate in the first year in business for a new agent is over 80%. Does this blow your mind? These agents pay lots of money and spend lots  of time just to get their real estate license. Then after all of that, over 80% of them quit within the first year. Why is this? Well, the first reason is fear. Lots of fears that they couldn’t overcome quick enough. Fears of rejection, failure, etc. They are scared to talk to strangers. Scared to make cold calls. And, even scared to show property. Lets face it, most people getting in the business now are in their 20’s without much real-life, business experience. A real estate agent is a business owner. You are your own boss, bookkeeper, scheduler, manager, worker, etc. You also have the say so of when the workday begins and ends. This makes it tough when you get into real estate thinking its going to be a great “job”. And, come to find out, you are really a business owner who has to run the business smoothly or be forced to quit.

If only the new agents knew how easy real estate really is. The problem is that agents make the business hard, and they think its simple. However, in reality, its actually easy and very deep. Deep meaning that you must do the easy tasks that create success for years before becoming highly successful, but once you get there, it can be extremely lucrative.

What newer agents need to know is that there is plenty of business for everyone and more than enough room for them to make as many sales as they want to. As long as they understand that they have the upper-hand on all other agents because their personality is unique, which means the way they communicate with clients is different than any other agent. You see, some buyers and sellers will connect with some agents better than others strictly because their personalities match up different. And, most agents are not attempting to create relationships with people who are not ready to buy or sell a property in the very near future. This is a perfect opportunity for any agent looking to make their mark on the market in their area.

If newer (and veteran) agents will take advantage of this opportunity by contacting people who may or may not be interested in buying or selling a property in the near future, and using their unique personality to create a life-long relationship with them, they will secure tons of future business right in front of everyone’s nose. As well as, stumble upon plenty of people ready to buy or sell in the very near future. This approach secures business now and in the future. It’s that simple.

If you are an agent and you would like to learn what to say to property owners to start a life-long relationship, contact me anytime…Click Here

Ricky Carruth

Real Estate Agent, Coach & Author


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